Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Environmental Hall of Fame Awards 2008 were presented at the Westin LAX on June 6, 2008.

The 22 Honorees recommended the top solutions to help reduce energy costs and global warming now!

Implementing the Technologies and Recommendations of the following 22 Honorees would be enough to totally transform the United States into a Self Sufficient, Renewable Energy Economy!

1) Auto, Electric Cars

Honoree: Tesla Motors, First High-End Electric Car.

2) Auto, Plug-In Cars, Reduce Dependence on Foreign Oil.

Honoree: Set America Free, USA Energy Independence.

3) Auto, Renewable Energy

Honoree: Guy Negre, represented by Shiva Vencat. The Air Car will be mass produced by Tata Motors of India.

4) Energy Efficiency (and LEED)

Honoree: US Green Building Council (USGBC), LA Chapter Accepting Award on Behalf of.

5) Global Cooperation

Honoree: CEO Space, BJ Dohrmann, Represented by Paul Pfeifer. Global Cooperation to Help Planet Earth.

6) Green Home Building

Honoree: Mario Van Peebles, Actor and Director, TV Show Series "Mario's Greenhouse." Worked for the EPA.

7) Green Jobs

Honoree: Van Jones, Renowned advocate for green jobs/social justice.

8) Light Rail

Honoree: PIRG, Represented by CalPIRG, and the Campus Climate Challenge.

9) Million Solar Roofs

Honoree: Environment California. Million Solar Roofs passed in California. Help Pass Solar Roof Legislation in Your State

10) Protection for Animals

Honoree: The Edward R Mercer Foundation, Dedicated to the Betterment of the Planet

11) Solar Energy, Concentrated Solar Cells

Honoree: Amonix 7th Generation Concentratred Solar Energy for Your Business and Community.

12) Solar Energy, High Efficiency Solar Cells

Honoree: SunPower, Increasing Solar Cell Efficiency Commercially to over 32%. Solar Energy, High Efficiency Solar Photovoltaic Cells for Your Business, School or Home Roof.

13) Solar Energy, National Laboratory

Honoree: Larry Kazmerski, Director of NREL's National Center for Photovoltaics. Has published 300+ journal papers.

Recommendation: Implementation of the Recommendations of Amonix, First Solar, SunPower and Stan Ovshinsky.

14) Solar Energy, Thin Film

Honoree: Stan Ovshinsky, Father of Thin-Film Solar Energy, over 250 Patents. Thin-Film Solar Energy on Your Roof.

15) Solar Energy, Thin Film

Honoree: First Solar. Thin-film solar technology for your Business, School and Home Roof.

16) Solar Hot Water

Honoree: Solargenix Energy, Power Roof and owner of one of the largest Solar Energy Power Plants. Solar Hot Water Power Roof for Your School, Business and Home.

17) Solar Power Plant

Honoree: Art Linkletter, People Are Funny TV Series, Chairman of Solargenix Solar Power Plant, Nevada One.

18) Sustainable Forests

Honoree: Randy Hayes, Founder, Rainforest Action Network (RAN), Among the most effective Environmental Groups

Also, Banks investing in Renewable Energy.

19) Top Emerging Technologies

Honoree: New Energy Congress (NEC), Sterling Allan, Founder, 100 Most Promising Technologies

#1 Recommendation: Stirling Energy Solar Power Plant.

20) Wind Energy, on Buildings

Honoree: AeroVironment. Architectural Wind, a Wind Turbine for your Building's Roof,

21) Wind Energy, on Roofs

Honoree: PacWind. Vertical Axis Wind Turbines, for quiet Wind Power on your roof,

22) Wind Energy, in Yards

Honoree: Southwest Windpower, largest supplier of small wind turbines in the United States. A quiet, small wind turbine in your backyard.